Board of Directors

Michael Juba, Chair is a partner at Hardy & Juba, LLC, a law firm he co-founded in December 2012.  The firm practices exclusively in the areas of criminal and juvenile defense, with a focus on representing children who are accused of serious crimes.  Mr. Juba devotes the majority of his practice to juvenile representation and focuses on litigation involving direct-file youth in adult court.  Prior to beginning his law firm, Mr. Juba spent five years as a trial attorney at the Denver Public Defender’s Office.  Mr. Juba regularly teaches at conferences and law schools about the Constitutional rights of children.  Mr. Juba co-founded a non-profit called Learn Your Rights In Colorado (LYRIC), which teaches high school children their Constitutional rights when contacted by the police.  LYRIC annually reaches thousands of Colorado youth with its message of knowledge and empowerment.  Mr. Juba also sits on the Board of Directors for the Second Wind Fund, which is a non-profit that strives to decrease the incidence of suicide in children and youth by removing the financial and social barriers to treatment.

Lindy Frolich, Vice Chair
 is currently the Director of the Alternate Defense Counsel (ADC) in the State of Colorado.  In over 20 years of practicing exclusively criminal, juvenile and appellate law, Ms. Frolich has gained a reputation as an aggressive litigator, expert and teacher. Before joining the ADC, Ms. Frolich managed a private practice, specializing in criminal and juvenile delinquency cases, on both the trial and appellate levels.   Her practice also included guardian ad litem work in delinquency as well as dependency and neglect cases.  She is one of the founding members of the Colorado Juvenile Defender Center (CJDC), and is a past president of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar (CCDB).  Ms. Frolich has trained lawyers across Colorado, and nationally, on a variety of topics, including trial and appellate advocacy, juvenile law, motions practice and indigent defense management. A native of Denver, Ms. Frolich received a B.A. in German at Brown University. She returned to Colorado where she obtained her Juris Doctorate from the University of Denver in 1988. While still in law school, she worked as an investigator and law clerk for Larry Pozner & Associates. She began her legal career as a deputy public defender in Colorado, where she practiced as both a trial and appellate lawyer.  Since leaving the public defender’s office in 1994, Ms. Frolich has handled hundreds of cases involving every crime from simple misdemeanors to serious felonies, including death penalty cases.

 Leslie Krueger-Pagett is a founding member of CJDC. Ms. Pagett represents children in Denver Juvenile Court and direct file cases, as well as adults in Denver District Court. Ms. Pagett has been an adjunct professor at the University of Denver, Sturm College of Law, and previously volunteered for a nonprofit organization exposing housing discrimination. Prior to becoming an attorney Ms. Pagett also worked for the ACLU of Colorado as a paralegal.



Ann Roan is the State Training Director for Juvenile Defense and Complex Litigation for the Colorado State Public Defender. She has been the State Training Director since 2004 and has been a public defender since 1990. Before her appointment to that position, she spent 10 years as a deputy public defender in trial offices throughout the state, and six years practicing in the Public Defender’s appellate division. She has spoken at conferences all over the country sponsored by NACDL, NORML, NJDC and other national defense organizations. In Colorado, she has spoken at conferences sponsored by the CBA, the CCDB and COBALT. Ann is on the faculty of the National Criminal Defense College in Macon, GA; the NACDL Capital Voir Dire College in Boulder, CO; and has taught state and federal criminal defense lawyers in Georgia, Kentucky, Texas, New Orleans, Washington, Santa Fe, Alabama, Utah, California, Washington D.C. and Alaska. She is an adjunct professor at the University of Colorado School of Law and is a frequent guest lecturer on voir dire at the law schools at both CU and the University of Denver. She was inducted into the American Board of Criminal Lawyers in 2010 and contributed a chapter to the critically acclaimed book, How Can You Represent Those People, published in 2013. In 2016, Ann was selected as Colorado’s Outstanding Juvenile Defender by the Colorado Juvenile Defender Center.

Nicholas Turco is currently a student and cross country athlete at Western State Colorado University. He is also an intern at the Office of the Alternate Defense Counsel, a member of Colorado’s Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Counsel, as well as the National Coalition for Juvenile Justice. His goals are to attend Stanford Law School to study the intersection of neuroscience and the law and to qualify for the olympic marathon trials. Nicholas is the recipient of NCJFCJ 2018 Impact of the Year Award, recognizing engagement leadership and dedication in improving juvenile justice policy and practice. He is invested in improving our nations juvenile justice systems because he values the principle of equity. Further, Nicholas firmly believes that juveniles and young adults have a high capacity for reform and should be afforded the opportunity to live fulfilling lives and to reach their full potential.

Priscilla Linsley
 is a happy 30+year transplant from New Jersey. In New Jersey, she was employed by the Garden State School District, the educational component of the New Jersey Department of Corrections. In Colorado, she is self-employed as a consultant for non-profit organizations, concentrating on grant writing. This picture was taken on a work trip in Vietnam. Priscilla has also done work trips to New Orleans, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Palestine.


Patrick Vance is a 1979 graduate of the Law School at Tulsa University.  In 1981, Mr. Vance began a twenty-year career with the Colorado State Public Defender Office retiring in 2002.  While in the Public Defender’s Office, Mr. Vance (Pat) was a trial attorney in six regional public defender offices and was a Senior Attorney in the Colorado Springs Office, and an office head in two other regional offices.  During his career as a public defender, Mr. Vance litigated over 100 felony trials and was involved in death penalty representation.  Since 2002, Mr. Vance has been in private practice specializing in criminal defense.  In 2008, Mr. Vance was a founding member and board member of (CJDC).  Most recently, Mr. Vance has specialized in the defense of juveniles subject to prosecution as adults pursuant to the Direct File Statutes.


Cameron Monaco is a Brand Loyalist and Director of Sales for Kaspo, Inc. With a background of marketing and advertising and 10 years in the legal industry, Cameron has experience in everything from loading, configuring, and maintaining of review databases to Case Management. Cameron is also a baseball umpire for CCUA, RMUA, CHSSA, MSBL, NABA, Connie Mack, and Triple Crown, as well as a few collegiate games. As a Colorado native and Alumni of Arvada high school Cameron enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his family.

elise 2

Elizabeth (Elise) Logemann, Advisor to the Board
Elise Logemann contracts with CJDC to supervise the Believe in Youth expungement and deregistration project.  Ms. Logemann also currently contracts with Alternate Defense Counsel to represent indigent children charged with crimes, and with the ACLU of Colorado as their Child Safety Attorney. She was previously the Executive Director at CJDC. Prior to joining CJDC, Ms. Logemann worked for the Colorado State Public Defender, where she was a trial attorney in the Colorado Springs office; at the New York City law firm Beldock, Levine and Hoffman, where she represented plaintiffs in civil rights lawsuits against the police department and city; and at the Public Defender Service in Washington, D.C., where she worked extensively with juvenile clients in an interdisciplinary juvenile defense practice and   Ms. Logemann has a Juris Doctor degree from Harvard Law School and an undergraduate degree in theater and history at Northwestern University.  Ms. Logemann serves as a member of the Southwest Juvenile Defender Center’s advisory board and as Chair-Elect to the Juvenile Law Section of the Colorado Bar Association. She is a certified trainer through the National Juvenile Defender Center’s Juvenile Training Immersion Program (J-TIP), and presents at conferences for juvenile justice professionals state-wide and nationally. Ms. Logemann also teaches a Holistic Juvenile Defense Seminar and Externship at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law.

Hannah 2Hannah Seigel Proff, Advisor to the Board
Ms. Proff is a senior associate at Johnson, Brennan & Klein, where her practice is dedicated to representing adults and juveniles charged in criminal and delinquency cases. She was previously the Director of Juvenile Policy at CJDC. Prior to joining CJDC, Ms. Proff was as a Senior Deputy in the Denver office of the Colorado State Public Defender. During her seven years as a public defender, Ms. Proff specialized in the representation of juveniles who have been charged with violent crimes. Ms. Proff has taught legal skills training within the Colorado State Public Defender system, the Colorado State Bar Association, and at the 2nd Annual Excellence in Juvenile Defense Conference. Ms. Proff is the co-founder of Learn Your Rights in Colorado (LYRIC) a non-profit that teaches Colorado high school students about their constitutional rights. Ms. Proff volunteers for the Colorado Women’s Bar Association Legal Services Committee and also donates her time at a mentor for Colorado Youth at Risk. Ms. Proff received her Juris Doctorate degree from the University of San Francisco School of Law. Upon graduation from law school, Ms. Proff was awarded the Pursuit of Justice Award, an award given to the graduating student who has demonstrated a commitment to public service. Her undergraduate degree was in English literature and women’s studies from the University of Denver.