Juvenile Defense Manual

3rd Edition Colorado Juvenile Defense Manual Coming Soon!

The Colorado Juvenile Defense Manual is designed to guide the practitioner through the law and the special considerations in defending a juvenile client, both in delinquency and criminal court. In the manual’s 1st edition (2013) consisted of 26 chapters ranging from arrest, detention, and initial proceedings to interrogations, jury trials, appeals and beyond.  The manual’s 2nd edition, published in 2015, included over 125 pages of updates and additional chapters on expungement, sex offender registration and deregistration, and school discipline cases.  The 3rd edition of the manual (April 2018) will introduce myriad updates on case law and legislation across its 28 expansive chapters.  Thanks to the Colorado Bar Foundation, all attendees at our 6th Annual Excellence in Juvenile Defense Conference will receive a copy of the 3rd edition manual as part of the conference materials.  Register for the 6th Annual Excellence in Juvenile Defense Conference online HERE.


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