Improving Outcomes for Youth Task Force

Colorado partnered with the Council of State Governments (CSG) Justice Center to undertake a bipartisan, inter-branch and data-driven effort to complete a comprehensive review of Colorado’s juvenile justice system in order to enhance public safety and improve outcomes for youth.   In April of 2018, CJDC was invited to join the Improving Outcomes for Youth Task Force (IOYouth) alongside lawmakers, judges, state and local juvenile justice leaders, and other stakeholders.

CSG conducted an analysis of Colorado’s juvenile justice system through data analysis, focus groups, and interviews with local agency officials, prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, law enforcement, probation staff, community-based providers, and youth and families impacted by the system across the state.  In October 2018, CSG presented its key findings to the Task Force, whose members came to consensus on recommended legislative changes for improving the system.

In November 2018, Governor Hickenlooper released a press release on the success of the IOYouth statewide task force, and the recommendations that resulted from the task force’s deliberations. The press release also has a link to the final presentation with amended recommendations. You can also access a revised/amended version of just the policy options.

IOYouth is a project of the National Reentry Resource Center supported by the U.S. Department of Justice.  Questions about CJDC’s role on the Task Force?  Reach out to us at