2012 Colorado Assessment

KIDS WITHOUT COUNSEL is CJDC’s court-watching report taking a closer look at the barriers to counsel and the solutions to getting more youth and families access to a well-trained juvenile defense attorney¬† in court.


See our Juvenile Defense Reform page for Legislative enactments to fix this problem.

Kids Without Counsel Cover Page

The National Juvenile Defender Center conducted an assessment of access to counsel and quality of representation in Colorado juvenile delinquency proceedings.

This ground-breaking report identifies systemic and practice barriers to providing effective representation for children accused of crimes and makes recommendations for reform. The report also highlights promising approaches and innovative practices.Colorado Assessment


All Coloradoans need to work together to ensure due process and fairness for children.  The Colorado Juvenile Defender Center followed the NJDC Assessment with a court-watching project across Colorado, to better understand why so many children and parents are waiving the right to counsel.