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CJDC is in need of volunteers! We need people of all backgrounds to help with client representation, policy work, training, event planning, fundraising, grant writing, social media, website design, bookkeeping, office administration, and more! Whatever your skill set, CJDC needs your help! 
Send your form, and any questions to CJDC at admin@cjdc.org.

CJDC thanks our volunteers!  

Litigation Committee Chairs
Ashley Ratliff, Youth in Adult Court Coordinator
Jeni Stinson, Direct File Committee
Martha Lindsley
LaMone Noles
DeAnn Major
Bill Meade
Erin Kincaid
Dennis Jackson
Kate Wilson
Interns/Law Clerks
Yuri Bazan
Haley DiRenzo
Mia Kontnik
Morgan Oswood
Sujata Ramaiah
Kristen Seddiqui
Kate Steefel

Barbi Springer
Jon Thomerson
Phil Cherner
Richard & Karen Dvorchak
Brandon Proff
Meghan Baker
Rob Simpson
Avner Gozani
Louis Costello
Lois Monroy
Anne Bingert
Alex Rodriguez
Andrew Halmo
Delores Jones
Tally Zuckerman
Chad Zito

Prior Members of the Board of Directors

Paul Colomy
Ann Kaufman
Bill Meade
Nicole Miera
Suzanne Pinto
Ted Rubin
Theresa Spahn
Joni Ellen Speirs
Pat Vance
Robin Walker Sterling
Natalie Williams