Believe in Youth

Believe in Youth

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Since 2014, CJDC has represented youth and adults who seek to expunge juvenile records or remove themselves from the sex offender registry through Believe in Youth. The Believe in Youth program put boots on ground in the battle to give young people the second changes they deserve.

Believe in Youth directly represents youth and adults who have have to register as a result of a sex offense committed as a juvenile or have any kind of juvenile adjudication on their record. When youth are deregistered and their records are expunged, they have greater access to educational and employment opportunities. They are more able to cultivate strong familial and social bonds. They experience lowered rates of subsequent suicide, incarceration, and trauma. Clean records support youth caught in the criminal system in healing, thriving and making our communities stronger.

CJDC partners with other organizations that serve youth experiencing poverty, including the Colorado Office of the State Public Defender, the Office of Alternate Defense Counsel, the Office of the Child’s Representative, and Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center. CJDC also works closely with Colorado guardians ad litum, social workers, foster families, probation officers, and other members of young peoples’ support teams.

For help with your or your young person’s case, click here. For professional and community trainings provided by Believe in Youth, click here.