LYRIC Learn Your Rights in Colorado

The goal of LYRIC (Learn your Rights in Colorado) is to teach youth about their Constitutional rights. LYRIC programming aims to bring Constitutional law to life for juveniles in schools, juvenile justice facilities and community settings.

LYRIC aims to enable young people to become active and knowledgeable citizens who feel empowered to exercise their rights if they are contacted by the police. LYRIC teaches a fifty-five minute “Know Your Rights” curriculum that is the perfect accompaniment to high school civics curriculums.  All LYRIC programming is taught by practicing attorneys. CJDC is LYRIC’s fiscal sponsor organization.

LYRIC was founded in 2008 when Hannah Seigel Proff and Michael Juba were beginning their careers as Colorado State Public Defenders, Hannah and Michael became frustrated by how many of their juvenile clients didn’t understand their Constitutional rights during police contacts. As Public Defenders, they were teaching young people about their rights after they became involved in the criminal justice system. Hannah and Michael were eager to connect with and educate Denver’s youth before they entered the juvenile justice system. Today LYRIC has grown to an organization with over twenty active volunteers, all of whom are lawyers or law students. LYRIC is available to teach Know Your Rights presentations across the Denver metro area, and we will soon be offering LYRIC programming across the state of Colorado.